Professor S Robot

Autonomous robot that Kills 99% viruses

FIGHT Cvid-19

TO SAFEGUARD your premises.

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Professor S Robot

Reduce infections and safeguard
your premises in the current crisis
with UVC disinfection robots.

Disinfection is the new language of trust

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Eco Slim

Embrace UV light in dark times,

Fight Cvid-19

Keeping your family protected during the corona pandemic

with Safe sterilization

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Your facility's safety protocol in the COVID CRISIS.

Fight Cvid-19

AUTO will keep your office sanitized just before you enter

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Digitalize your work life
with contactless smart
AI receptionist


Work with your personal

IOT consultant

who will help Kickstart your digital
transformation journey

And we will Accelerate scientific prototyping to production
Things go social your consultation partner

A lot of questions are bugging the minds of consumers,

Is the staff cleaning the surfaces frequently? or What are the current cleaning and
disinfecting policies of an establishment? UVC sterilization offers an easy and effective crisis management protocol.

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