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Things Go Social (TGS) - IoT Platform

Things Go Social (TGS) is an intelligent, two-way communication IoT ecosystem with advanced Human-Machine interaction capabilities. The platform lets users monitor and control complex industrial processes in real time. TGS implementation also makes the data from infrastructure remotely accessible, with its cloud connectivity and mobile applications.

This platform is integrated with our IoT based product offerings and can also be offered as SaaS or PaaS model for your business.


Thing Green is an innovative IoT node, with a modular, future-ready design and smart customization capabilities to revolutionize the HMI environment across industries. It is an integrated management-cum-maintenance solution, for any machine, appliance, equipment or infrastructure, for data aggregation and analysis.

The device is integrated with our state of the art IoT platform, Things Go Social (TGS). This cloud-based platform uses advanced machine learning algorithms and data analytics to automate firmware updates and condition-based decision-making, thereby enabling industrial systems to take advantage of predictive maintenance.


A consumer-centric metering solution, enhanced with blockchain implementation, for smart energy consumption and monitoring. It’s a modular energy meter complemented by the intelligence of Things Go Social (TGS) platform for efficient energy management.

With remote accessibility, it keeps an account of energy consumption at each node and displays real-time load profiles. It is equipped with secure accessibility features for providing end-to-end visibility in the energy ecosystem and the firmware can also be updated remotely.


An application for android phones to facilitate daily assistance in activities like managing tasks, scheduling events, organizing meetings and making bookings as per the user preferences and configuration.

This online application, based on artificial intelligence, enhances your work-life balance and is controlled by your voice, helping in synchronization of your activities while taking all the connected devices in loop.


Muffin is a socially interactive chatbot, which works in tandem with the Muffin app, and accompanies you as per your requirement. It is a bot with emotions, that takes notice of human gestures and also has a speech funtion, thereby acting as your personal assistant.

It tries to create an atmosphere where you feel like home and lets you establish a sound work-life balance even in times of stress.