Making Smart Device a Reality For You

Big Muffin

First of its kind modular AI Gadget which can connect AI with the human life and provide the power of expert systems to common men. Such intelligent retrieval is still more of corporate royalty, The device adapts to your preferences. It recognises your habits and makes the entire experience smooth, like second nature which we will bring to the masses, and very affordably! It is wearable. It is your personal assistant. You can give it any command - from searching a nearby ATM to managing your schedule. Or in a boring meeting, you could always play with him!

Smart Meter

A smart meter on arm cortex M4 processor for the organization which can help collecting the user behavioural pattern. This grid device connects via a gsm telecom model and regularly sends data to that grid so that data analytics can be applied to study usage patterns specifically monitoring high payload time domains. The device employs a complete structure for power measurement, analysis and distributive forecasting using big data.


Ushop inventory management system gives your Accurate, comprehensive store surveys that provide consistent shelf accuracy to help you Decrease stock-outs, provides visual inventory, Automatic product scanning and help transfer your employees to customer service activities. This real time inventory information helps customers finding the products they are looking for, help employees detecting misplaced items, accelerates picking and return management, etc. This allows the user to easily verify which products have been identified, accelerating processes and reducing errors.