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kills 99% harmful pathogens in simply 10 mins.

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Eco slim is a UVC sterilization robot that emits UVC (Ultraviolet C) rays which kills viruses and bacterias including coronavirus

ECO slim is a user-friendly, lightweight and portable robot that is ready to be part of your homes to shield your loved ones against pathogens

It reaches every surface within a room, including your masks, shoes, clothes, wallets, your furniture while even sanitizing the air of any airborne pathogen.


The robot is equipped with a 30W UVC lamp which emits UVC light in 360 degrees, ZAPPING OUT every harmful virus and bacteria it beams on within minutes.

Viruses can always find a way inside your homes, Don't be caught unaware, gear up to fight these disease-causing microorganisms WITH ECO SLIM.

Wipes out even the air borne pathogens

Sanitizes frequent touch surfaces reaching every part of the room

It comes with preset mode, which delivers an accurate dosage of UVC in your surroundings to kill viruses.

The traditional disinfection method requires spraying multiple chemicals and wiping surfaces, which results in chemical exposure to humans, and sometimes residual chemical is left on the surfaces, which is hazardous on the other hand, UVC disinfection is done without any human interference or presence.

You leave the robot in a room, close the door, come back after 10 minutes, your room is decontaminated for you without any residual chemical or anything harmful.

Eco slim is equipped with motion sensors to make sure, it switches off if someone walks in its proximity.

SLIM is a highly efficient robot in indoor spaces specifically to reduce the risk of person to person transmission of viruses.

As a lightweight and portable robot, eco slim makes sure your gyms, common areas, corridors, and homes are protected.

360-degree safety

Killing pathogens is as simple as clicking a button
Let eco slim tackle pathogens, in every direction giving you and your loved ones a protected space.

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