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Use Case of the day: ATMs

We are going to start a series called: Use Case of the Day For now the Use cases are for our upcoming IOT device, but soon we will start a series for our AI. Let's get started!!

Use Case of the day: ATMs

Problems faced by ATMs: Theft, high operational costs, stuck ATM cards

The IOT solution: Connected sensors that can collect and stream data on ATM vitals like temperature, movement of security guards etc should be installed to help in cutting operational cost. This is done by monitoring sun light and temperature, to turn off the air conditioner and lights when not needed. In addition to saving power, IOT can also help in curbing pilferage and managing incidents like stuck ATM cards, by sending real-time alerts to the responsables. The ATM can also be shut down, when the security alarm goes on, using remote control through IOT. To find out more about IOT and how it can help your business, visit: www.untroddenlabs.com

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