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Pollution Monitoring

There has been quite a chaos much recently, taking the pollution level of Delhi and Beijing in perception. Air pollution reaching a dangerous mark says all about the need to have a monitoring system for pollution. PM2.5 breaching the safety standards by over 14 times in Delhi/NCR was a wake-up call. And it is not just about the air pollution but the pollution caused by different agents like water, chemical, thermal pollution et al. Apart from the preventive measures that needs to be taken by the citizens, industries and government authorities, it needs to be monitored on a real-time basis. This real-time system is the need of the hour, which has the capability to analyse a set of data, being accumulated with the help of a data acquisition system and then acting on that data if need be. At present there are many pollution monitoring devices deployed by the Government authorities, to keep a watch on the pollution levels in cities. But what they really lack is the scalability and reach at the micro-level.

Take for an instance, a locality where there is a construction site. Now the parents who are apprehensive of the environmental conditions and the impact that it has on their childrens while playing or travelling, would not know anything of the pollution level in that locality. Because the pollution monitoring data being accumulated by the devices already deployed by the government is limited to a specific region or a city for that matter. That is exactly where an IOT network steps in!! Imagine a pollution monitoring device deployed in a locality and then a network of such devices that might be witnessing different conditions in various other localities. These devices could now provide an extensive and practical data to the citizens. Pollution level in X region will not be the same near Y in the same city.

At Untrodden Labs, we analysed the need of making such a real-time monitoring system to solve this problem. A system based on the concept of IOT [Internet of Things] has been designed, that has an embedded data acquisition system, capable of accumulating the data collected by Air quality sensors that measures the CO2, Methane, ammonia and PM level of the surrounding working in tandem with the temperature and humidity sensors. The sensor readings are sent by the IOT device to the Internet which makes it LIVE. The sensor data is analysed on the cloud, having a bi-directional communication link with the IOT system deployed at Untrodden Labs. The real-time data of these sensors are accessible to any user having a web-browser and an internet connection. This real-time analysis can be provided to government authorities so that preventive measures could be taken.

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