Shaping Your Brilliant Ideas


Things Go Social is a two-way intelligent communication IoT ecosystem with data analytics for an automated management system.TGS makes the data from the machines remotely accessible with its cloud connectivity and mobile applications making human machine interaction goal attainable

An application that is self sustainable leads to operational and equipment predictive maintenance enhancing the overall productivity of an environment


With advent of various companies serving IOT products for different industries , we bring an IOT product “Thing green “ ,that is invented to revolutionize all industries with a modular and future ready concept that is scalable to multiple monitoring devices.

Thing Green caters the need of changing technological culture by serving data insights through automation ,the design provides benefits of the new technology without replacing the existing one, thus enhancing than preparing for a change


A TGS Smart meter creates its presence as a consumer-centric metering solution for smart energy consumption. It’s an energy meter powered by the intelligence of Things Go Social (TGS) for efficient energy management.

With remote accessibility of real-time data of power consumption, it provides end-to-end visibility in the energy ecosystem and serves as a basis for various decision making within an instant.


An application for android phones to facilitate android user’s life with daily assistance to your day to day activities from managing and scheduling events, organizing your work online and make bookings as per the user preferences

Enhancing your work life balance with an artificial intelligence based online application controlled by your voice and synchronizes tasks and your activities to the devices connected


Muffin bot is like your personal assistant that gives you an atmosphere like your home, makes you comfortable by entertaining with jokes, lets you care about your relationships with proper work life schedule balance for a qualitative work life

Muffin, a socially interactive bot that will accompany you as per your need, a bot with emotions that takes notice of human gestures and talks just like human